What is the Rebecca y Las Otras origin story?

I come from a background in film and theatre. For a long time, I thought I might be a director. I worked as a photographer on the side while trying to pursue a career in the film industry. Eventually, I realized that life on a film set was not my jam. I started to lean more and more into my photography, and now it's my full-time career. Now I'm a documentary photographer and I LOVE to shoot weddings. I don't think of it as a left turn; it's right in line with what I've always loved, which is crafting truthful narratives.

How does Rebecca y Las Otras approach weddings? 

I am a fly-on-the-wall documentary photographer, preferring to shoot as many real, candid moments as possible. I utilize posing for about 5-10% of your day, and for the rest, I want you to just enjoy your damn day. Shooting unobtrusively, I'll capture the true narrative of your day — no overdone Pinterest poses, no over-Photoshopped glamour shots. Just real moments. (Pues — I 'm always down to shoot some dramatic wedding portraits! Claro que si!)

What are some traits of your ideal clients?

My ideal clients are diverse, in all sorts of ways. I like shooting for couples who are easy-going and down-to-earth, but who also have a special spark — and I think we all have something like that — a vivid imagination, a curious mind. My clients range from serious, introspective people who work in law or social justice to free-spirited party animals who want to dance until the early morning. Most of my clients are a little bit of both! I really like working with LGBT and/or immigrant clients and use a sliding scale for those in need.

What are three of your favorite things? 

Agnes Varda's inquisitive eyes, John Cassavetes' commitment to keeping it real, and dancing to the B-52s with my kid.


I'm a Latina documentary wedding photographer based in Los Angeles. With my background in film and theatre, I love to use my unique approach to documentary wedding photography to capture the real narrative of your wedding celebration. I'm in love with human connection, diversity and authenticity, and you'll find that these core principles are at the heart of my work.

Headshot photo by Oriana Koren






Los Angeles and Beyond

Price Range

Starting at US$800 for courthouse weddings and elopements and up to US$4,500 for a full-day wedding.

Travel Policy

No travel fee within 50 miles of Los Angeles; small gas fee for a road-trip location (up and down the West Coast); invoice for the flight + cost of lodging for anywhere that requires plane travel. Rebecca y Las Otras also has talented, award-winning associates based in Chicago and Philadelphia.

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