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"Catalyst Wedding Magazine is the answer to our feminist prayers."



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For Wedding Professionals

Feminist Photo Vacay

Feminist Photo Vaycay is NOT your average photography conference. In fact, it's not really a conference at all. It's more like a working vacation. Hang out with like-minded photographers. Talk shop in a judgement-free zone. Flex your creative muscles. No teachers. All students.


{un}convention is for wedding professionals and entrepreneurs who crave more diversity, more inclusion, more dialogue, more meaningful media, and more real emotions; For those looking for ways to refresh and grow their companies through one-on-one critiques and talks from industry leaders.

Woo Woo Weekend

Join us for a semi-annual retreat dedicated to feminism, meditation, intention setting, and harnessing your inner magic to have a better business and a better you. Learn new skills and discover how tarot, lunar phases, meditation and yoga can all impact your well-being.