Real Couples // A Tinder Love Story: Kayla + Kaylen

Kaylen and I actually met through Tinder. I was living in College Station, and she was stationed at Fort Hood. We talked for a few months, every day all day, before Kaylen drove two hours to come meet me back in the summer of 2014. We hit it off right away. She was different from anyone I had ever met and I was surely different for her. Kaylen was so unique, and I had never met anyone who was so grounded yet so beautiful inside and out. She was serious most of the time, and most of my friends didn't understand what I saw in her, but they didn't see what I saw under that tough skin. Now, all of our friends say they don't know a more perfect and lovable couple.

Being in a long-distance relationship with someone in the military wasn't easy; we hardly saw each other for a few months, but she never let me forget that I was always on her mind. And just like every relationship, we had our rough patches but always seemed to work through it and come out even stronger in the end. Here we are two years later, engaged and planning the rest of our lives together. 

I think one thing that makes her so amazing is that I can be completely and utterly weird, in private or in public, and she will react with something just as weird, or even weirder, back. We can be ourselves without a care in the world, which is most definitely shown through our pictures. I'm so glad to have someone who not only brings out the best in me, but doesn't want me to change who I am! She's my best friend above all things, and I'm so glad to be in love and loved by someone so beautiful!

Photos by Desiree Rose of Elkk Photography

Hello! I'm Desiree Rose, the creative force behind Elkk Photography, an up-and-coming photography company based out of Austin, Texas. Capturing the unique and quirky moments in life is my passion, and I'm constantly looking for something that inspires me to jump behind my lens. I've been photographing lovebirds and their weddings for four years now, and I'm completely hooked. I can't wait to continue my photography journey (a cup of coffee in hand of course)!