Real Couples // Couples' Boudoir: Monique + Rochelle

I've shot many couples' boudoir sessions before, but when Monique and Rochelle first expressed interest in being photographed, I realized this was our chance to do something different, something a little more wild than I had ever done before. I did everything I could to establish a safe environment for the session, but mostly let this amazing couple do their own thing. I did receive one of the best compliments of my life after the session: "Kinzie! You're so easy to get naked in front of!" But really, the magic was all them; I was just there to document the journey. 

We started with a more typical couple's boudoir session, and I am obsessed with the gentle affection and the personality we found in these images. But once we busted out the canvas and the body paint, there was no stopping Monique and Rochelle. We were all laughing, giggling about how ridiculous it was, how cold the paint was on their bodies — until we found those moments of total and complete intimacy that blew me away. What an amazing, connected couple. It was a total and complete honor to photograph these beautiful women.

Words and photos by Kinzie Ferguson, the Empowerment Photographer


Kinzie Ferguson, the Empowerment Photographer, lives in Kansas City, MO with her three cats and her rockstar partner (and a baby on the way!). When she's not working on changing the world, you will most likely find Kinzie eating nachos, nerding out over Harry Potter, and running The Empowerment Studio, her favorite place to hang out online.