Out of the Box Challenge // Featured Team: Endor

My experience with OOTB actually turned into a personal affirmation of what moves me to make photographs of couples. Real love. It's so simple sometimes that I do occasionally question myself! But seriously - two people in love are an overlooked marvel. There is so much pressure in this industry to present weddings as this elaborate tableau vivant - immaculate people having immaculate parties. Gorgeous? Yes. My cup of tea? Nope. Give me flower confetti and a side ache from laughing too hard any day.

Photos and words by Kate Donaldson. You can see a full list of vendors at the bottom!

Featured Vendors

Bridal Dress: Ash +Light
Bridal Accessories: Kerry Ann Stokes
Photography: Kate Donaldson | Kate Donaldson Photography 
Designer: Erin Cassidy | @heyartsocial