Real Couples // Tennessee Wedding for World Travelers: Emily+Mo

I find myself in awe of Emily and Mo and their enthusiasm for the lives that they lead and the places that they have lived and visited. You see, they are both world travelers; Emily is originally from Maryville, TN and Mo is originally from India. They met at a polo match in Africa. That is where they fell in love, and that is where they were wed in a simple ceremony. 

I also realized that even though I haven’t traveled the world as they have, I have something in common with them: finding someone and falling in love. I realized this when I attended their second ceremony and reception as their photographer in Maryville, TN. Boone Dixon, Emily’s brother, stated it best in his toast at the reception that, “after hearing her speak with deep fondness and enthusiasm about her many adopted residences, I knew in my heart that Emily was seeking something more elusive. It wasn't until I met Mo that I discovered the true nature of Emily's enduring pursuit. She wasn't searching for a place to call home; Emily was, in fact, searching for someone to call home. Mo, I have never seen Emily as content or as grounded as she is on this special day. In you, she has found a true equal partner. No matter where life takes the two of you, Emily will always call that place home because you are together.” 

I think that their relationship speaks volumes. It is not about the places we visit, but about the people we meet. Wherever they are is home.  Emily and Mo have continued their journey to Jakarta since their Maryville, TN wedding! I am sure that I will here of many more adventures to come.

Words and Photos by Erin Morrison Photography


I am the founder of Erin Morrison Photography. I was born and raised in Illinois and moved to the great southern state of Tennessee. I make my bed in Knoxville, but I love to travel all over east Tennessee. I consider myself a walking contradiction: a Type A personality with a creative streak, a yankee who says fixin', and a lover of comedy who couldn't tell a punch-line to save her soul.  My days are spent making simple and fun photographs with my couples and spending time with my husband and baby girl. I am blessed that my art allows me to meet new couples every day.