Real Couples // Cincinnati Sign Museum Wedding: Megan+Dustin

Having your wedding in an Electric Sign Museum in the heart of Cincinnati and your portraits taken in the middle of a cemetery are some bold moves, but that's just what Megan and Dustin did with their day. Their whole day was cool, creative, and reflected the things they love. They had a small wedding party with just their best friends and kept everything as simple as it should be. I explained to Megan that fighting against the lighting inside of a neon sign museum would be pretty much worthless, and we might as well just embrace the warm glow of the lights — and she was all for it! The whole day was full of positive energy, laughter, and amazingly bright neon lights.

Words and Photos by Corey and Alex Larrison

Corey and Alex Larrison are two photographer/videographers that make up Larrison Photography. We are based in Cincinnati, OH but love to travel! Corey likes rock music, Alex likes reading, and we both are a little too obsessed with our cats. We get to work with all sorts of awesome people, capturing all kinds of events, including weddings. Creating natural photos that capture couples and their community in an honest and beautiful way is our favorite thing to do, and we know we are lucky to get to do that every day.