Real Couples // Minneapolis Romance: Theresa + Brenda

Photographing the wedding of these two women was an absolute joy. Not only are they incredibly generous, kind, and accomplished women, but what really struck me was how their wedding was a celebration of the  supportive, living, loving bond of womanhood. Theresa and Brenda are not only a product of an utterly inspiring (and unmistakably lively) lesbian community, but the couple’s combined Native American/Midwestern heritage, as well as feminist foundation, were woven beautifully into the ceremony of the day. 

Theresa and Brenda are examples of strong, modern individuals who do great work in the world: Theresa has a PhD in Child Psychology and is a university professor, and Brenda is an MD who practices medicine. This couple lives in Portland (OR) but traveled back home to Minneapolis to get married and celebrate amidst their loved ones. They are the kind of couple that is not only so happy and in love, but they are also incredibly deserving of the happiness and love they have found. They are kind and gentle, and their joy is truly contagious.

I adore this wedding because this couple has such a cute, individual style that reads as beautifully queer, and also because the happiness and joy of their union is so palpable in the photos. These women are so inspiring! 

Words and photos by Lisa25

Milwaukee Road Clocktower
Couple smiling and embracing
Two pairs of white Converse shoes side by side
Overlapping hands with engagement rings
Person looking at bracelets
Smiling couple gazing at camera
Couple holding up rings together
Brides greeting guests
Tying bowtie for bride
Tying a tie for bride
Friend with hand on bride's cheek
Brides posing with young guest
Couple outside on city sidewalk
Couple kissing
Couple gazing at camera, black and white photo
Couple strolling down sidewalk holding hands
Couple posing against brick wall
Bride kissing bride's cheek
Couple posing against railing
Closer photo of couple posing against railing
Couple holding hands at wedding venue
Brides at altar with seated guests watching
Couple reading vows
Couple kissing at wedding ceremony
Couple cutting cake
Couple dancing


Lisa Venticinque (aka Lisa25) is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Saint Paul, MN.  Her life’s work is to reflect her subjects' individual beauty and to tell their stories in an authentic and personal way.  She considers herself a citizen of the world and finds joy in the resplendent diversity of human expression and experience.