Real Couples // Spring Frost Engagement: Sally + Sophia

Sally and Sophia are two incredibly fun and in-love individuals who made the trek [twice] to Charlottesville from their home in Washington, DC. Due to some crazy winter temperatures (10 degrees, plus 20 mph wind chill) we ended up postponing the original session date and, instead, met up for a delicious brunch at The Clifton Inn. Many amusing stories were told, along with much discussion over some recent movie theater experiences.

Fast forward to the actual engagement session: It was this photographer’s dream. (1) We were fortunate that attempt #2 landed on a gorgeous 60-degree day, filled with warm sunshine. (2) Sally and Sophia were truly one of the easiest couples I’ve ever photographed. They were honestly up for anything at all and we spent so much time laughing. (3) The lake was still frozen over, and I was in complete awe of this (being a warm day, this was unexpected). I cannot thank these two enough for being so willing to stand in a puddle of water, lie down next to each other on a damp wooden dock, and hold a lengthier-than-usual kiss for my first double exposure experiment on film.

Sally and Sophia said their I Do’s this September at Sugarloaf Mountain, and I couldn’t be more honored to be there to capture their day unfold. 

Photos and words by Love by Serena


Serena Jae is a vintage loving, video game playing, documenter of love stories. She has a love for analog film photography, hand lettering & illustration, traveling, and chai lattes. After photographing her first wedding in 2009, she became obsessed with the art of capturing fleeting moments.