Real Couples // Lovers in Havana: Felix + Ishak

To meet Felix (floral jacket) and Ishak (black jacket) is to meet vibrant electricity in a colorful place. You can't help but to feel happiness and excitement when you're in their presence. We shot in the streets of Havana at 7am and it was nothing short of early morning magic. And even better for them: they got on a plane to Paris later that evening for what would be Felix's first time out of his home country! During the entire shoot all we did was laugh and it was easy to see their genuine love for one another. Their energy was contagious!

They met in Havana when Ishak was on vacation with friends. That was a little over a year ago. They have been together ever since.

Ishak on how he met Felix:

"I was going to Cuba for a week with a group of friends. On the first night, we went to a great outdoor bar with a large balcony. Félix was there. He offered to take us to another place after, and once outside on the street he kissed me. He asked me “Would you marry me?” and I answered “Yes, for one week only.” From that point he stayed with me non-stop during my entire week in Cuba.
Only two weeks after I left, I returned to Havana to see him, and since then I do it every single month. In January, for the first time in his life, he left his country to come to Europe, where he met my family. I’m planning to take him again this summer. Our plan is to get married at some point and for him to move with me to NYC."

Words by Crystal Whiteaker, the photographer, and Ishak-Kristof Fernandez, as told to Amber Marlow. Photos by Crystal Lily Photography.

 lovers in havana felix and ishak embrace in street
  lovers in havana couple with linked hands in street
  lovers in havana felix and ishak leaning on graffitied wall, staircase leading up into a building behind them
  lovers in havana candid of ishak walking in street
 lovers in havana felix on sidewalk, hand casually on pipe near the building
  lovers in havana ishak leading felix by the hand down the street, an orange cat watching them curiously
  lovers in havana middle shot of ishak looking off frame
 lovers in havana laughing candid embrace in street
  lovers in havana felix hugging ishak from behind, both laughing
 lovers in havana couple sitting on stoop gazing at one another
  lovers in havana close shot of couple on stoop, both looking at camera
 lovers in havana couple on stoop holding hands looking off to left
  lovers in havana felix and ishak almost kissing in middle of backstreet
  lovers in havana couple walking away with arms around each other, vintage car parked near
 lovers in havana laughing candid of couple with arms around each other, vintage car in background
 lovers in havana felix in doorway winking and modeling a new straw hat
 lovers in havana couple on balcony, ishak saying something to make felix laugh
 lovers in havana closer shot of ishak making felix laugh
 lovers in havana couple on balcony looking at one another
  lovers in havana kiss on balcony
  lovers in havana close shot of insect pin on ishak's jacket collar
  lovers in havana felix buttoning floral jacket

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