Catalyst Wedding Magazine - Volume Three

A wedding magazine unlike any other, Catalyst Wedding Magazine features diverse couples' love stories and explores the intersections of community, creativity, and feminist values.

Volume Three: An Exercise in Style looks at the role of fashion and style in the wedding industry and explores options that break the bounds of gender norms. Find the following stories in the pages:

  • Photos from our Out of the Box Challenge winners, Oaktown Girls, and runner up, Holiday Celebrate.
  • Trends in wedding wear that ignore the standard white wedding dress from H&H Weddings
  • Exploring issues of race representation in wedding media with Nu Bride
  • Gift ideas for non-conforming couples from Vessel Brooklyn
  • A style quiz that helps you identify your style icon
  • Gorgeous photo spreads featuring real couples


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There are too many wedding magazines out there already.


There are too few wedding magazines out there that elevate love and personality over spending and aesthetics. 


Let's do something about that. Join Catalyst in disrupting the wedding industry.

Catalyst Wedding Magazine takes a critical look at weddings without sacrificing visual integrity.  Catalyst holds the position that there is no such thing as "the perfect wedding."  The written content is intellectually engaging (sometimes sarcastic), while the visual quality is stunning on the page and features under-represented communities throughout. 

Each issue of Catalyst will feature badass, lovely couples celebrating their love in their own way. We'll share: photo shoots with elements that are actually possible in the real world; interviews with amazing couples who totally nailed the whole wedding thing; tips from mixologists, wedding professionals, moms, and everyone in between; encouragement, affirmation, and occasional snark; profiles of the coolest, most sane wedding vendors in the area; and silly quizzes and horoscopes galore!

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