Make Magazine, Will Travel: Houston Edition

You'll hardly ever find the Catalyst team in one place. I can think of maybe three times when our Editor, Photographer, and Creative Director sat around one table, eating Indian food, and wildly brainstorming on an oversized piece of craft paper.

In just the past few months, Carly, our Photographer, has traveled to Sweden, Italy, Seattle, and New York for weddings, while our Creative Director, Jen, has spent the last three months hunkering down in Hong Kong, and Editor, Liz, has relocated from Washington, DC to Houston, Texas.

Wedding in Sicily by carly romeo & co.

Wedding in Sicily by carly romeo & co.

While distance makes collaboration challenging, new places provide endless inspiration for raising up our toddler, Catalyst Wedding Magazine.

Here are the top five awesome things I've found in Houston in the past two months:

1.  TOMO Mags Traveling Bookshop

Image from Houstonia

Image from Houstonia

That's right. This bus is a creative Millenial's dream come true. It's a traveling indie magazine shop, full of design-oriented publications from around the world, likely parked outside your favorite coffee spot. Founders Vico Puentes and Keiwing Chong are starting a tech rehab revolution right here in Houston.

2.  Sugar & Rice

Image from  Treadsack

Image from Treadsack

Sugar & Rice is a beautiful print magazine based in Houston that explores Gulf Coast food culture and economy. The founders own multiple popular restaurants in Houston, including Down House, Hunky Dory, and Foreign Correspondents.  If you're a foodie interested in the politics and culture of your favorite regional cuisine, Sugar & Rice delivers.

3.  Zine Fest

Image from Zine Fest website

Image from Zine Fest website

If you love zines, comics, and DIY publications, the annual Houston Zine Fest is for you. Admission is free at the Printing Museum — that's right, the PRINTING Museum! Check it out, and get inspired.

4.  Burning Bones Press

Image from  Burning Bones  website

Image from Burning Bones website

Burning Bones Press is a printmaking studio and collective workspace for letter press artists, screenprinters, and more.  Located in the Heights, they are open to the public for classes and workshops. If you're in a bind and need to find the cool people of Houston, check here first.

5.  Tuesdays Together

Image from  Rising Tide  Website

Image from Rising Tide Website

Tuesdays Together is a national meet-up for creatives and entrepreneurs that believe in #communityovercompetition, which takes place regionally. The monthly Houston meet-up is huge, a reflection of the incredible grassroots arts and community-building efforts taking place in this industrial city. 

Image by  Aimee Custis

Image by Aimee Custis


Liz Susong is the CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Catalyst Wedding Magazine.  She sees potential everywhere for community building and advocating for social justice through creative efforts. If you're in Houston, drop her a love note at