Real Couples // Love + Zen: Alexa + Stephen

Alexa and Stephen are totally awesome. Alexa is a petite and meditative (with a Buddha-like personality) woman from Puerto Rico. She has an awesome Brooklyn accent, and wildly amazing hair. Stephen is originally from Washington state, and is funny and quirky, and still knows how to rock a paperboy hat and suspenders. Their energy from day one of knowing them was rooted in just being, and loving and it shows. Best of all, they were so real, top to bottom. They met while working together at Ruby Tuesdays in Virginia Beach, and fell in love. What is more real than that? Their wedding was crazy fun, and felt like a true celebration of not only their love, but their families as well. They blasted traditional Puerto Rican music far into the night, danced their butts off, and belted in Spanish with fist pumps in the air. Alexa and Stephen reflect the mission of Catalyst because their story doesn't need to be anything more than what it is to be important. I think in the industry, there is a tendency to get too caught up in the fancy and the glamour, when the nitty gritty and the everyday is way more realistic and way more happy. They're such a genuine and down to earth couple, with awesome an awesome family, not only loving to each other but to everyone around them as well. Since the wedding, they've moved on to new adventures in the PNW and have made Seattle, WA their new home.

Words and images courtesy of Imani Fine Art Photography

Nadiya Nacorda


Nadiya Nacorda, owner of Imani Fine Art Photography is a digital/film hybrid wedding and portrait photographer originally from Detroit, but currently living, working and eating in Richmond, Virginia. Her approach to photography is emotional, subtle and soft. She loves getting to know her clients more than anything, and it’s the stories of authenticity, love, and companionship that have drive her everyday. Nadiya started Imani with the core concept of it being culturally diverse and inclusive to all couples of any shape, size, color or orientation. She’s an astrology buff, an old movie addict, and is a total sucker for vintage anything.