Real Couples // Winter-in-Amish-Country Wedding: Crystal + Jayleen

Wedding photographers know that there are many different kinds of love, and many different ways to show love. Some couples have a low-lying, steady love that is on the quiet side; some couples have loud, boisterous love that encircles everyone around them. Somehow, Jayleen and Crystal have both and everything in between. There wasn't a moment of their wedding that wasn't steeped in pure joy, from the (few, haha) silences to the end-of-the-night dance-offs. Getting married in the winter isn't for the faint of heart, but Jayleen and Crystal didn't let some chilly rain put a damper on anything. Their ceremony was full of warmth and roses; their dinner was full of laughter; and their reception (where they each danced with all their parents) was endlessly emotional (in a good way). Everything was authentically them, and thus authentically wonderful. 

Words and images courtesy of Carly Romeo & Co.

carly romeo

Carly Romeo is a co-founder of Catalyst Wedding Company and owner of Carly Romeo & Co. She is a feminist, former New Yorker, Gilmore Girls enthusiast, loud talker, music lover, good driver, and opinionated as hell. You will most likely find her toodling around Richmond, VA on her yellow bike or at home in her bungalow eating sushi.