Real Couples // A Motorcycle Engagement: Sarah + Nicole

As a wedding planner, I (Sarah) get asked a lot of etiquette questions, but my mantra is — whatever makes you happy and reflects who you are. As a couple, Nicole and I have applied this to our own wedding planning. We've decided on a destination wedding in Italy (and honestly don't care that we can't legally marry there because our best friend is officiating and the good ole USA has granted us that right) because we like to eat and Nicole says the best meal of her life was in Positano. While I don't mind bigger weddings, for my own, I want to have time to hold each guests hand, look them in the eye and thank them for being a part of our lives. 40 guests makes this totally doable. We focus on our relationship and the love that surrounds us — that's what the heart of a wedding is about! 

Photos by Sarah Stuart // Words by Sarah (of Sarah and Nicole)

Sarah Stuart


Sarah Stuart, founder of Sarah Stuart Studios, began her work as a wedding filmmaker while finishing her undergrad in Asheville, NC. Standing up as an advocate for LGBTQ family members, friends and mentors quickly became a staple within her business as she covered NC Equality Campaigns. Sarah continued advocating for the community by joining the fight against Amendment One, and soon enough partaking in same sex weddings prior to the Supreme Court ruling. She has expanded her work on short films and weddings to branding content and graphic design. Sarah has since moved her business to Washington, D.C. in 2014 where she lives with her partner, Heather and their cat Sallie.