Real Couples // A Geeky Engagement Session: Lilly + James

Lilly and James (yes, really!) are self-confessed geeks with a love of all things Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Batman, Star Wars, and just about everything else in between. They wanted an engagement session that really reflected who they are, so they opted to do it in Southend-on-Sea, a little English seaside town where Lilly grew up and both she and James spent a lot of time together early on in their relationship. They chose to start at an amazing coffee shop they know called Utopia. It's full of quirky furniture, interesting decor, and the food and coffee is pretty damn good, too. After working their way through a slice of raspberry cake and relaxing a bit more in front of my camera, we strolled over to James' favourite place, the local comic book store, where he could wander around and choose a few of his favourite graphic novels to take home with him. Then, for Lilly, we headed to a bookstore just around the corner where we mooched around opening and sniffing all the new books (aaah!). Finally, we finished by wandering down to the seafront, buying ice creams, and getting a few final shots on the shore.

Everything about this shoot spoke volumes about these two as a couple. What basically happened was a typical Saturday afternoon when they get some free-time together, and I loved being able to tag along and capture it for them. The shoot was a true reflection of both their personalities, and I think that comes across in all the images. These two were doing everything that they loved, so their comfort and confidence just shone through in every single photograph, which is what I love to capture!

Photos and Words by Sarah Wayte

Sarah Wayte


Sarah is the slightly crazy chief-photographer-in-charge at Sarah Wayte Photography. She photographs the weddings and portraits of those who prefer to shy away from tradition, and she does that in a totally honest, natural and relaxed style, with just a hint of alternative. For her, life is not perfect and your photos shouldn't be either, but that doesn't make them any less beautiful. She loves laughter lines and belly laughs, night skies and cityscapes, curling up with a book and a great hot chocolate and of course her two furballs, Lewie and Lola, and her hubby, Stu. Sarah is based in Essex,          UK, but has passport and will travel!