Real Couples // Nick + Brad's Awesome Wedding

We met Nick and Brad at a marriage equality wedding show in Philadelphia. We have always believed love is love and can't be more thrilled that amazing couples like Nick and Brad can now be legally married with the same legal rights as anyone. They chose to have their wedding ceremony and reception in a less “typical” venue. The held it at JG Domestic in the Cira Center in Philadelphia. This is a fantastic restaurant run by the Garces Event Group for weddings. It offers a small, intimate and unique setting for couples looking for something different. The whole theme of the day was love and family. The couple wanted a fun and relaxing wedding so they could share it with the people they love and those who love them. We think they had the perfect day. They got ready together instead of in separate rooms. This is always a great moment because they are helping each other for their wedding! I think it is so cool to share that time and memory together. We had a blast capturing photos and video of them at the 30th Street station and were then joined by their wedding party. Their ceremony was filled with so many cute moments and stories about how they first met.

Photos and Words by Cathie of BG Productions


She came from a dark room developing film to editing from her MacBook Pro. Cathie is creative, energetic, professional, and very organized, which is exactly the person you want taking your photos on your big day. Her style and enthusiasm is matched by her technique and artistic eye for composition. Don’t be surprised if you see her laying on the ground or stopping traffic to get that perfect shot! “I love capturing peoples’ emotions and special moments of their lives. I want someone to look at one of my photographs and live that memory over and over again!”