Real Couples // An Intimate, Love-Filled Brooklyn Wedding: Kat + Lauren


Kat and Lauren weren't looking for anything serious when they met on OK Cupid... but things happen! When I asked what their proposal was like, they told me this:

"We have a running joke that we are always kind of late to the game on things — showing up to shows after they have closed, missing events that we talked about going to for ages. This story is not dissimilar. In June we had planned a trip upstate as a getaway, but our cats (yes, both of them) caught some sort of stomach bug so we had to cancel. Little did we know, that both of us were planning to propose to one another that weekend. Fast-forward a couple weekends later to the third of July when we rebooked our trip. It was a Friday and we both had off work. A typical day off consists of coffee in bed while we read the news and stuff on our phones. Kat got up to serve the coffee, while Lauren was in bed (unsuspecting) checking Facebook when our cat Napoleon bounded on the bed with something special tied around his neck. Kat totally beat Lauren to the punch! Lauren was prepared with a ring to return as a bottle of bubbly was popped later that morning."

Their wedding included several friends and family members who are extremely important to them. We did their first look at Brooklyn Bridge Park with the bridal party, and then all headed to the venue together, followed by dinner and dancing!

Photos and Words by Amber Marlow


Amber is a wedding photographer based in New York City. She believes in kindness, handwritten notes, champagne toasts, doing the fun thing instead of the cool thing, authentic moments, real families, fictive kinship, genuine over perfect, well-made and tailored over trendy fast fashion, old dogs, new passport stamps, live jazz, and classic wedding photos — for you, and for generations to come.