Keeping It Real With Herbal Heart Apothecary

Meet Sarahkate, the creative mind behind Herbal Heart Apothecary (H2a) AND a lovely friend. We asked her what's going on with H2a, and she said, "The gardens are booming! We just harvested a ton of herbs today, so that's progress. I am currently working on sample products and getting our latest product on the market at H2a. We gutted and re-did the detached garage and turned it into a real manufacturing space. Other than that, planning to travel to meet my suppliers for olive oil, imported herbs, and so on." We want to come! 

h2a assorted flowers

What is the mission of your company? 

Our mission is to infuse life with herbs for total well being. A radiant complexion is the result of what you are putting both on and in your body, as well as your mind. We practice "seed to face" beauty and believe you should feel comfortable in your own skin, especially on your wedding day.   

H2A Skincare Products on table

What is your company's origin story?

H2a is Skincare with a Conscience. 

H2a started with a warrior of a woman. Sheron was a sword fighter and an herbalist. Her two worlds intertwined when she began creating herbal infusions to soothe the bruises and aches caused by physically demanding martial arts. She grew herbs and formulated skincare products for more than 20 years and eventually passed her knowledge of herbs and her book of recipes on to three passionate, wild women which brings us here today. H2a continues to grow in love, gratitude, and authenticity. 

H2A Skincare Vendors at h2A table

What is one of your favorite projects you've ever worked on?

The development of our H2a Serum is my favorite project to date. We really let the creative process take us and ended up with a product that far surpassed expectations. It took a lot of collaboration, and I had to learn not only to trust my intuition but my business partner's as well. It was amazing seeing the effects with each new herb and oil, and now we all get to enjoy smooth even skin tones. 

H2A Skincare Colorado face and body eliixer
H2A Skincare Colorado products

How are you a 'wedding space disrupter'?

The material side of planning a wedding can easily take over. We ask people to be present. H2a is about being comfortable in your own skin, feeling connected, and staying grounded. Brides and grooms can feel good about this beauty regime, enjoy the confidence that comes with great skin, and focus on living in the moment.  

What three ingredients are necessary for a great day at your company?

Hildegard, herbs, & a whole lot of love.  

What are some traits of your ideal client?

Our best clients enjoy and appreciate quality over quantity, are often earth conscious, and most importantly share the desire to live "a simply beautiful life."  

Sarahkate of H2A Skincare


Sarahkate Greeley is the hands, heart, and head behind H2a. She lives in Loveland, Colorado, and she grows many of the herbs used in H2a products herself in her converted garage. She and her husband once spent a year traveling around Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. Sarahkate loves to travel and is always looking for opportunities for adventure and exploration.