Men's Rings Online: For Last-Minute Shoppers Who Want Variety

Meet our editor's husband, Adam. Liz jokingly referred to him as "groomzilla" during the wedding planning process because he thought of and constructed many DIY decorations and had strong preferences in terms of the music, food, and the bar to name a few. But one detail he didn't think of until a few weeks before the wedding was his wedding band. In the end he rush-ordered something online that he ultimately didn't care for and only wore on the wedding day. Men's Rings Online exists for this very reason: to provide a large variety of wedding rings that can be rush shipped for free and easily exchanged, all for a fraction of the cost that you would pay using a traditional jeweler.

"A lot of our clients get a little busy in the lead up to the wedding day, and the groom's ring is one important object that seems to get left up until the last moment. It's actually not unusual for our customers to contact us and say, 'I'm getting married next week. How fast can you get me a wedding band?' This is where we shine as a company, as we love solving this problem for clients."

The mission of Men's Rings Online is to provide a large range of in-stock men's rings, with fast shipping, fast customer support (both before and after a customer receives the ring), and easy exchanges should a customer order the wrong size or want to change the style.

You can find styles ranging from wood wedding rings to titanium, tungsten, ceramic, platinum, and gold. Rings are typically priced in the $200-$300 range, although you can certainly find something at a higher price point if you are looking for a platinum or 18ct gold ring.

While Men's Rings Online technically only started in 2013, they have been selling men's rings online since 2006. They started on Ebay as a way to provide what couldn't be found in traditional brick and mortar jewelry stores: variety, education (particularly about the pros and cons of all of the different metal types), and the ability to order a ring immediately without having to wait weeks or months. They've since evolved into having one of the largest ranges of men's rings online with four online stores based in the US, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand.

Men's Rings Online prioritizes tailored customer education: "We don't like to push any particular metal for example because of the variation in grooms' lifestyles. Titanium may be perfect for one client, but not another. Ultimately it should be the groom's decision, but we like to help him make an educated choice."

Their advice for choosing the right ring? "When it comes to buying the groom's wedding ring, it's good to approach it with an open mind. The right ring for you usually comes down to a mix of your desire ('I like the look of gold.') and practicality ('I work a lot with my hands, so a softer metal may not be the best choice')."

Head over to their site to peruse men's rings, and you'll likely be offered a discount or a promotion. See what's new on their Facebook page or Instagram, and find wedding inspiration from other couples who utilized Men's Rings Online.