8 Geometric Accessories to Gift to Friends, Family, and Yourself // Elaine B Jewelry

 Elaine B Jewelry Holiday Gifts

We first met Elaine of Elaine B Jewelry when she was living and making in a gorgeous old home near the center of town in Charlottesville, Virginia. She was one of the most well-respected artisans whose geometric pieces were carried by many local, as well as national, shops, and she was the highlight of the many maker festivals we attended all summer long. When the news broke that she would be relocating to Detroit, we were sad to see her go, but we are happy to see that her jewelry business has only grown.

Elaine was trained in metal smithing and glass blowing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. "Inspired by minimal but inventive designs, rough stones and geometric shapes, and the versatility of jewelry meant for work or play, she created her small business, Elaine B Jewelry."

Elaine's designs are perfect for gifting to dear friends or family members who have played a part in your wedding day, or for the holidays. Check out our top picks below:

1. Bar Studs, $34

These studs are perfect for your trendy, minimalist friends who are looking fly AF on your wedding day. They make a great second, third, or fourth earring, too.

 Elaine B Jewelry Bar Studs

2. Concentric Sculpture Bracelet, $98

This bracelet appears to have been made by a beautiful architect. One bangle is a bit larger than the other, and they are connected with a clasp at the back of your wrist just so. This style is like the 90s revived; but think Detroit metalsmith rather than Claire's.

 Elaine B Jewelry Concentric Sculpture Bracelet

3. Heart Necklace, $40

This one is for your best friends. (Who ever said you could have just one best friend!?)

4. Hydrogen Ring, $64

This delicate hammered ring comes in both silver and gold, and it's a piece that your friends will make a staple in their collection for years to come.

 Elaine B Jewelry Hydrogen Ring

5. Small Tillandsia Ornament, $28

How perfect are these air plant ornaments? They bring a sense of lightness to literally any room, and the air plants are included, baby!

6. Eggshell Drop Earrings, $98

These earrings are absolutely one of our favorites. In gold or silver, they are the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit. Who doesn't love a little glitter?

 Elaine B Jewelry Eggshell Drop Earrings

7. Concentric Half Moon Ring, $64

To us, this ring symbolizes two unique people coming together in a relationship, and we love this gift idea as a tribute to friendship.

 Elaine B Concentric Half Moon Ring

8. Prisma Gem Necklace, $78

If you have a sleek wedding party, they just might need this gender neutral accessory to unite their style and elevate their cool factor.

 Elaine B Jewelry Prisma Gem Necklace