What is Documentary-Style Wedding Photography? // 10 Awesome Candid Wedding Moments by Corey Torpie

Corey Torpie

These 10 candid wedding moments captured by Corey Torpie will show you why you should forget the posed portraits and let documentary-style photographer Corey Torpie take the wheel

Queens-based wedding photographer Corey Torpie is the real deal. She studied photojournalism in school and has been honing the craft of documentary-style photography for eight years as a professional photographer while teaching courses in the darkroom. And there’s something really different about the images she creates — something captivating about the subtle moments she seems to capture so effortlessly. And those moments are like segues into an unfolding story, one that the viewer can begin to imagine without even knowing the couples in the photos.

1. Families dance together at a Mehndi party the night before the wedding.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

2. Helen + Keren’s first kiss surrounded by family and friends at The Last House in Tangalle, Sri Lanka.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Corey explains her wedding photography philosophy: “I’m just as interested in showcasing the small subtle moments and quirky personal details, as I am with documenting the big showstoppers. I find beauty in the imperfection and chaos that is a real wedding day.” Rather than posed portraits, Corey tasks herself with the more challenging task of capturing authentic emotions: “When my clients look back at their photos I want them to have more than just a record of their day; I want them to be reminded of how the day truly felt.’

3. When the groom says he can’t dance but then starts busting out some incredible moves, you know the wedding is going out with a bang. Troy and Neisha’s brunch wedding ended with an awesome later afternoon dance party.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

4. Tohm and Darryl threw a wedding with a mix of Jewish and Southern traditions. Here, they are in the middle of the hora.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding PhotographyCorey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

And if you have met Corey, you know that she is one chill pill. You’d have no idea she is hustling behind the scenes to capture the very moment you caught eyes with your partner at your ceremony: “I often get told that I’ve been a calming presence during the wedding. It’s a huge compliment for me and a roll I’m stoked I can play. There's a lot of beauty in a wedding day, even when things get chaotic. I love the ride and I’m glad that comes through while I’m working.”

5. Sarah and Fred at the end of the night.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

6. The wedding party wound down the evening at the Circa 1799 barn with a raging bonfire. One of the best I’ve seen.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Corey’s philosophy and refined skill give clients permission to relax and enjoy their day without the stress of managing every moment. You won’t be worried about having a Pinterest-worthy wedding because you can be confident that you are going to get some wall-worthy moments that will not fade with time or as trends change. The emotions are real, and that’s what makes Corey worth the investment.

7. Paige and Derrick stocked their wedding at Barn on the Pond with lawn games. The piñata was in lieu of a cake cutting.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

8. Heather and her dad take a shot before he walks her down the aisle!

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

So you want the details, right? Corey is offering $350 off to Catalyst couples booking a wedding package before June. The wedding date can be anytime in 2017 or 2018. Travel is included within two hours of New York City. Beyond New York City, she asks for travel to be paid at cost, which is usually between $500 and $1000. Corey’s packages start at $4095, and she is available for family and portrait sessions, as well.

9. Instead of sparklers Sam and Masa left their wedding to an impromptu fanning of palm fronds. The venue didn’t allow sparklers so Masa’s bridesmaids did some super quick thinking and were able to give them an awesome sendoff.

Corey Torpie Documentary Style Wedding Photography

10. Sparkler exit at Prospect Park Boathouse

Sparkler exit at Prospect Park Boathouse

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If you love Corey’s work, and you know she is the right photographer for you, but your budget is a little tight, you are in luck. Corey offers one free wedding a year! Click here to learn more about how to apply!