10 Wedding Desserts That Will Rock Your World

If you're like us, you've been watching the Great British Bake Off in lieu of going to therapy. Well let the dessert therapy continue because we've got ten wedding desserts that are going to knock your socks off! These desserts come to you from some of the most talented teams of creatives across the country who competed in this year's Out of the Box Challenge. Without further ado, let's have a look at our favorites in reverse order:

10. PIE!

Take the lead from Minneapolis team Diamonds & Pearls, and keep it simple with a beautiful pie from your local bakery like RandyPie.

9. Forego Cake & Try A Tart!

San Francisco team Bay Area Creatives knows that fruits and nuts create a beautiful, natural, and simple centerpiece like this one, baked by Alexis Mosqueda.

Photo by  Ella Sophie

Photo by Ella Sophie

8. Know Thyself: Champagne.

Here in Richmond we keep it straight-forward, as the Richmond Association of Boss Babes demonstrates. Freixenet makes matte black champagne bottles that can be customized for your wedding and style.

7. Pink Ombre Cake

Check out this pink beauty by baker and illustrator Molly Reeder! Charlottesville team Uncommon Goods knows that pink gets a bad rap, but that the long and the short of it is, the more pink you have, the more you realize just how awesome it is. In fact, why not have pink trees, pink hats, and a pink life? Click over to this feature, and you'll see what we mean.

Photo by  Kristen Finn

Photo by Kristen Finn

6. Keep it Luxe

Two Portland teams joined in the fun this year, and the outcomes could not be more different. The Wookie Rookies kept it classy and elegant by incorporating lush florals, gold accents, and tasteful decor. This cake is timeless, and what is really amazing is that the team leader, Eden Willow Photography, is both the photographer of the cake and the baker of the cake!

5. More is More: Doughnuts

We love a team that delights in the doughnut, as we share this passion and hobby. Dual Nature of Denver not only incorporated doughnuts, but doughnuts covered in hot pink icing and rainbow sprinkles, no less. These doughnuts come from the most Colorado business known to womankind, Habit Doughnut Dispensary.

Photo by  Our Two Hearts

And this couple was not afraid to relish this tasty dessert! Every couple deserves such a delightful photo at their wedding.

4. But Seriously, Doughnuts Are Kind of Healthy if You Think About It.

Eh? Eh? The Confetti Unicorns of Pittsburgh disguised their gushy yummy doughnuts as a fruit basket. While we are not fooled, we are delighted. Relish Co., you are a marketing genius. If you want to see the rest of this shoot, you're gonna have to buy your copy of Catalyst Wedding Magazine where you can enjoy four spreads of AMAZINGNESS from this winning team.

Photo by  Sandrachile

Photo by Sandrachile

Can we get a closer look? Nope, still not a fruit.

3. Interactive Sugar Desserts

Columbus, Ohio, knows that desserts are pretty and all, but what good are they if you can't smash them into your beloved's face or make an eye mask out of macaroons? We agree with you, team Two for Joy! Although we won't lie, that Pook's Baked Goods cake is a piece of edible art.

But wait, I thought you said it was interactive?

Why stop there, though?

Have you ever seen something more delightful? Group field trip to Columbus.

2. Celestial Moon Woo Woo Magic Cake

This is the Portland cake to top all Portland cakes. Strap yourself in, and let this cake take you to space. This cake may just be made of flour and sugar, but you're going to be floating among the stars. This cake will give you super powers and make you feel as thought you live in a universe in which men were never a thing in the first place. This is cake, womyn. Thank you, Nasty Women, for showing us next-level desserts by Just a Dash Cakes.

1. Willy Wonka Pride Party Dream Cake

This cake is more political than your local corporate-coopted pride parade. This cake will make you feel like you found the golden ticket and you're about to get a lesson on imagination from Mr. Wonka and one on white priv from Veruca Salt. This cake would win the showstopper on the Great British Bake Off because it has style AND substance. This cake is the best thing to come out of Washington, DC, since Maxine Waters. Rebekah Naomi Cake Design of Rebel Creatives, you're the real winner today.

You said WHAT now!?

Sheer perfection.