The Avowed Podcast // Interactive Mini Episode: Art & Norm Mixdown

 Jasmine Lilly the Avowed Podcast Art & Norm

This is a special interactive mini episode about relationship tools! Jasmine shares a nugget of relationship wisdom from jeweler Mariele Ivy, previously featured on episode eleven, "A Touch of Stardust." They talk about contrasting personalities and the tools we develop to relate to one another. Tell us about your own relationship tools at for a chance to appear on a future episode of The Avowed Podcast!

Full episode landing on 5/11/17!

Theme music by Nic Hamersley  / Cover Photo by Carey McArthur

 Jasmine Lilly


Utilizing a celebratory and investigative approach, Jasmine Lilly explores wedding tradition origins, societal expectations, and boundary pushing concepts in through inclusive conversations with wedding industry rebels, real couples, and bad-ass people with something to say about love. Lilly leaves no stone unturned in her pursuit of innovation and understanding.