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 The Bridechilla Podcast

The Bridechilla Podcast is hosted by comedian, author, and your virtual bridesmaid, Aleisha McCormack. Each week, Aleisha shares her tell-it-like-it-is view and unique take on wedding wisdom to help Bridechillas and Groomchillas ditch the pressures and obligations that we sometimes feel during the journey and have fun planning this awesome day. Interviewing the leading wedding bloggers, planners, and experts, The Bridechilla Podcast is all about empowering couples to plan the wedding that they want.

In this episode, Aleisha interviews Catalyst editor Liz about the challenges of the wedding industry and how to encourage inclusion for all people, minorities, gender identities, relationship statuses, and opening up conversations around stigmatized topics like divorce and second (and third) marriages. We talk about the path diversifying representation (so many white, blonde brides on the cover of wedding mags!), challenging gendered roles, and standing for equal rights.

We also look at the cycle of stress that a lot of couples become a part of. We’re all stressed and trying to juggle a million things, which everyone deals with in different ways. Liz shares her thoughts on being mindful, knowing your stress triggers, and being present during the process (and your wedding day).

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