Real Couples // Same-sex Vintage Glam Loft Wedding in Stillwater, MN: Magan + Hope

Magan: Magan is a clinical social worker and is the treatment director of an in-home mental health program. She has a passion for working with individuals with various mental health challenges. She is also an avid outdoors woman and will do anything that involves being outside — whether its going for a leisurely walk or a more intense hike in the woods.

Hope: I am a Technical Support Team Lead for a software company based in Minneapolis. When not at work, I love watching movies, spending time with friends, trying new IPAs, and testing my skills in the kitchen. I also do some painting and drawing. Our house is adorned with many of my works. I am happy when I'm able to get outdoors and camp or hike — finding peace with nature.

How We Met: My smile caught Magan’s eye right away, but she was caught off guard because she was previously attracted to more feminine ladies, and here was this short-haired androgynous lady she was being drawn to. I caught Magan looking at me and managed to summon the courage to go talk to her. Magan’s friend Julia often describes our meeting as “two magnets coming together.” We exchanged numbers that night, and so started our love story. There was an instant connection that fateful night, which was quickly followed by long talks, sushi dates, and many car karaoke sessions of 90s songs.

The Proposal: When I set out to ask Magan to marry me, the most important element was for it to be a surprise. (Normally I am really bad at surprises. I even waited to pick the ring up until the proposal day because I knew once I had it in my possession, I would have to ask.) The day began like many others for Magan. She got up and got ready and left for work. We had planned to meet for lunch that afternoon. I picked up the ring, made a few phone calls to friends to help set the stage, then headed to lunch with Magan. We had lunch at a shared favorite spot, Moscow on the Hill. After lunch, I asked Magan to go for a walk in the park next door. Magan got a call for work, which actually worked out well because she didn't realize we were walking directly toward a bench with flowers and a book at first. I had written and illustrated a book of our love story with a little rhyme that ended with me down on one knee. Magan was completely caught off guard by the Monday afternoon lunch proposal, but of course she said YES!

Our Wedding: We wanted a venue that reflected our interests and passions. We are rustic, outdoorsy, romantic women. The Loft @ Studio J is renovated, but still holds the historical charisma that is often reflected in the quaint city of Stillwater. It features exposed brick, wood floors, soft lighting, and large windows, which ended up being perfect when the snow started to fall at the start of the ceremony.

When picking a venue and vendors, we wanted to be sure there wasn't an ounce of weirdness on their part with a lesbian wedding. We wanted to feel comfortable and confident and made a point to meet up with every vendor beforehand to be sure it felt right. Meg (our photographer) was the first vendor we booked, and we could not have been happier! She was friendly and easy to talk to and such a pro!

The officiant was a dear friend of ours who helped make the day perfect. The ceremony was written by the officiant and fueled by laughter and wine on our couch in the weeks before the wedding. We kicked it off with a "cheers!" between the three of us. It was short and sweet, filled with romance and laughter, telling the story of our love, and emphasizing the importance of love, acceptance, and truth to oneself.

We made the majority of our decor. Hope's mom created a number of the decorations including the boutonnieres. A few folks from the wedding party helped us put together the bouquets. 

Our photographer pulled us outside for a quick photo shoot in the street toward the end of the night. It was beautiful sharing a moment as wives out in the street as snow fell softly around us. We danced our hearts out the whole night!

We chose to do a sweetheart table for ourselves and had our wedding party sit with their spouses at tables nearby. For us, the night was all about love, and we felt it was important to have a few moments together just the two of us. It was really magical to share that time together and look out at the people who came to love and support us that day as the snow fell lightly outside, the candles flickered softly, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were playing in the background. It truly was the best day!

Words by bride Magan Olson, Photos by Meg's Eye Photography LLC

wedding gown hanging next to sparkly bridal flats
sparkly flat wedding shoes in ivory
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same-sex wedding first look
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romantic same-sex wedding photos in the snow
same-sex wedding photos in the snowfall


Photos | Meg's Eye LLC
Venue | The Loft @ Studio J in Stillwater, MN
Magan's Gown | purchased from Posh Bridal
Hope's Suit | H&M
Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands | ShaneCo
Florals and Decor | Hope's mom, and the wedding party
S'more Bar | NorthMallow
Catering | Marna's Catering
MC and DJ | Elite Wedding DJs
Hair | Pearlescent Hair



Meg from Meg's Eye Photography says, "I've been a professional photographer for over 9 years and I love capturing a person's happiness! A wedding is a party and I tell all my clients, they should be able to enjoy it. I've been shooting weddings since before I considered myself a professional, and I get giddy when I catch a fleeting moment in time."