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There has never been a safer time for LGBTQ+ couples to take a honeymoon. With same-sex marriage recognized in all 50 states and recent legislation in Europe, LGBTQ+ couples are finally free to celebrate their love and it can be tricky to know where to spend your honeymoon.

While there hopefully will come a day where LGBTQ+ couples can travel without fear of persecution throughout every corner of the globe, that is not the current reality. There are still some places that refuse to open the doors to the LGBTQ+ community or have laws that are harmful to these couples. Rather than bother with these places, we have compiled a list of places where LGBTQ+ couples are welcomed.

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The top 3 honeymoon destinations for LGBTQ+ couples in the United States

There are several wonderful places in the United States to begin your journey as a family. 

New York City

Historic sites, museums, Broadway shows, a 24-hour city with a rocking nightlife, celebrities, and some of the best hotels in the world await you in New York City. NYC is a shopper's paradise from Fifth Avenue to boutiques; you will find anything you can dream of in the shops of New York. If you are planning a destination wedding, you will find stunning rooftop gardens overlooking the city, or some of the most chic and coveted venues in the world.

Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is a desert oasis and a growing wedding and honeymoon destination. There are also many venues, hotels, resorts, and spas that cater specifically to LGBTQ+ couples. Escape Palm Springs Hotel is an exclusive gay men’s resort in this tropical paradise and is an easy choice for male-male couples looking for a welcoming environment. Visit the Gay Desert Guide for a complete listing of LGBTQ-friendly businesses that will be sure to welcome you with open arms.


There are dozens of LGBTQ+ honeymoon destinations from Jacksonville to Key West. There are so many options, you need to research them to decide what you are looking for. Make a list of the things you enjoy and give them to your wedding planner. You can custom design a trip to Florida that will make your honeymoon special.

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The Islands

The islands of the world have always drawn honeymooners. From the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, lovers are naturally drawn to the romance of the islands — the glorious sunsets, the sea, sun, and sand. However, there are still some islands that are not LGBTQ+ friendly. Be careful to research where you are going. A spoiled honeymoon is bad enough, but sadly in some places, you will not be safe.

Here are some examples of beautiful islands where you will be safe, welcomed, and loved:

Island of Malta

This Mediterranean island is between Sicily and Northern Africa. It is tropical and beautiful, and it is a historically important location. You will find plenty to do to keep you busy, and when you are ready for solitude, you are in heaven.

U.S. Virgin Islands

It will be difficult to find Caribbean islands that are more beautiful than the U.S. Virgin Islands. They are known for the beauty of the white sand beaches and the colorful reefs. The rolling hills add to the mystery of these beautiful islands.

Puerto Rico

While areas of Puerto Rico are still recovering from Hurricane Maria, this Caribbean island is in need of economic growth through tourism and offers a different combination of natural beauty. Visit rain forests, mountains, and incredible waterfalls, then head to the beach, which is rocking with bars, clubs, music, and parties.

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