6 Creative Wedding Invitation Suites to Get You Inspired

Invitations and save the dates are an important part of your wedding. Without them, no one would know when your wedding is! If you want to make a good first impression with your future guests, show off some lovely paper goods.

Find inspiration from 6 of our favorite wedding invitation suites:

1. Whimsical Crepe Paper Bride and Floral Invitation Suite

 Photo by  Hannah Yoon . Design by  622 Press . Styling by  Confetti & Co.

Photo by Hannah Yoon. Design by 622 Press. Styling by Confetti & Co.

 Photo by  Hannah Yoon . Design by  622 Press . Styling by  Confetti & Co.

Photo by Hannah Yoon. Design by 622 Press. Styling by Confetti & Co.

Photographer Hannah Yoon and Planner Confetti & Co. put together a stunning styled shoot where all the elements coordinated perfectly, and the invitation suite designed by 622 Press was no exception. They used bold colors with the goal of creating a mysterious and enchanting vibe. We even love the place cards attached to olive oil favors. It's always our recommendation that you give your guests favors they can actually use!

If you ask any of my friends, they'll tell you I'm one of those girls that tries to analyze someone's life based off their zodiac signs, which is why this wedding invite caught my eye! This styled shoot drew inspiration from the couple's own zodiac signs, Capricorn and Libra, as well as gemstones, to make these dreamy wedding invitations! They didn't want to be too subtle, so they used the light and airy characteristics of a Libra, while balancing it out with dark earthy tones representing a Capricorn.

 Invitations by  Paperdoll Design  Photo by  Dragon Studio

Invitations by Paperdoll Design Photo by Dragon Studio

This Mid-Century Modern wedding is one of my all-time favorite shoots. They used an
old historic building for the backdrop but added their own modern twists such as a disco
ball, bright colors, and their dog! These modern and minimalist invitations go perfectly with the theme of this shoot!

 Invitations by  Letters & Dust  Photo by  Gina Neal Photography

Invitations by Letters & Dust Photo by Gina Neal Photography

This wedding invitation was inspired by the couple's personal indigenous cultures. I love
the earthy vibe this invitation suite has and the amazing meaning behind the couple's shoot! 

Strawberries in Ojibwa culture are called the "heart berry" because they look like a heart. The heart berry signifies love between the couple and a reminder to stay connected to their indigenous roots and their commitment to each other. Sacred medicines of sage, sweet grass, cedar, and tobacco all come into play in this incredibly meaningful shoot.

 Styling by  Simply Breathe Events  Calligraphy by  Allison Dee Calligraphy  Photo by Red October Photography

Styling by Simply Breathe Events Calligraphy by Allison Dee Calligraphy Photo by Red October Photography

This wedding was inspired by the classic color combo royal blue and gold. It's elegant
and romantic and these invitations are just that. I also love the menu spinner which details what
they will be served at the wedding! It's a super creative way to present your guests with the
dinner options.

 Invitations by  A Good Day, Inc.  Photos by  Buena Lane Photography

Invitations by A Good Day, Inc. Photos by Buena Lane Photography

These creative invitations come from a vibrant San Francisco styled elopement at City Hall. The mixture of quartz and lace was the inspiration behind these unique wedding invitations and they are to die for! A combination of semi-transparent paper, marbling, and die-cut all comes together to make these invitations incredibly unique.

 Sydney Zwick


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