10 Outfits That Prove Western Brides Don't Need White Wedding Dresses

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I wore white on my wedding day. It was a pretty awesome dress, but I chose it knowing full well that the idea of wearing white on your wedding day is not some tradition as old as time, just as old as the Victorian Era. White dresses are a little bit about purity and femininity, but also a whole lot about wealth. It wasn't until the last few centuries that the average woman could dream of affording a dress that they would only wear once.

So let's banish this whole idea of the white wedding dress as being a necessity. If you want to wear one, that's awesome! If you don't, that's fine, too! Let's celebrate these 10 AMAZING outfits that prove that you can pretty much do WHATEVER YOU WANT.

1. This Purple Dress and Motorcycle Jacket Combo

Ananda and Mari and the perfect punk rock brides in this styled wedding shoot. Not only are we ALL ABOUT the recent trend of wearing motorcycle jackets over dresses for weddings, but Mari's purple dress so perfectly shows off her tattoos that it's hard to picture her wearing anything else. Um, also, we LOVE her pink index finger nail polish. It's all about the details, y'all.

2. This Well-Fitting Suit that is Dapper AF

Photo by  Meg's Eye LLC

Photo by Meg's Eye LLC

Hope's suit came from H&M, which proves you can find an suit that fits like a glove and still doesn't break the bank. Hope and Magan together look totally flawless at their winter wedding in Stillwater, Minnesota.

3. This Crop Top and Linen Pant Combo

Okay, yes, this outfit is still white, but let's face it, Vanessa looks comfortable AF! And why would you want to wear a dress you can't sit down in or dance in? Also, NYC in the summer is like one giant ball of sweat...or like living in a pair of sweaty balls. Yeah, I said it. Let your body breathe in some linen.

4. This 1920s Vintage Flapper Dress

Elissa is from the USA and Ralf is from South Africa but they met while living and working in London. They decided that they wanted to do something a little different for their wedding so they decided to get married in their favourite ski resort in Austria. Elissa wore her great grandmother's dress from the 1920s which Elissa used to dress up in as a little girl, although it did need quite a lot of repairs from many years of being well loved.

5. These Matching Jewel Toned Dresses

Photo by  Babb Photo

Photo by Babb Photo

Megan and Sarah decided to coordinate their outfits for their wedding day, and while they both wore white coats, their dresses were different, stunning, and wine-colored! We love this approach for two brides and are so in love with this London wedding!

6. This White Pantsuit and This Blue Tulle Skirt and Gold Top Combo

If there are two things we love, it's bridal jumpsuits and bridal separates, and this wedding inspiration shoot with real couple Shonna and Layla has it all. This jumpsuit has all the elegance of a dress with all of the comfort of pants, and we LOVE that blue tulle skirt. Bridal separates let you mix and match and craft your own personality with your wedding day outfit. AKA they are THE BEST.

7. This White Suit that is SUIT GOALS

Photo by  Love by Serena

Y'all, I am just a sucker for a woman is a really nice suit. What can I say. Sally and Sophia's Sugarloaf Mountain wedding is just stunning, and I love that once the dancing starts, the suit jacket comes off and you can move those arms!

8. This White Suit with Fern Printed Pants

Photo by Nessa K

Photo by Nessa K

Okay, I know I have gushed about Jess and Karolyn's Carmel wedding so many times, but I just can't get over it. I'm lucky enough to know these two in real life and they are AWESOME. And in case a white suit wasn't perfect enough, just add a floral or fern-printed pant and you have created a whole new signature look. 

9. These "Bridal" Overalls

Photo by 43rd Ave Photography

Photo by 43rd Ave Photography

Who said overalls can't be classy AF? Nora and Ben went for a simple elopement at the San Francisco City Hall, and I have never been so in love with a wedding look as I am with these overalls and that backless lace top. Not to mention I would just wear this on the daily except for the fact that I learned in the 90s that my body looks real weird in overalls. 

10. This Stunning Witchy Black Lace Gown

Photo by  Diana Ascarrunz

Honestly, y'all, I saved the best for last. If I were to do it all again, this is the dress I would get married in. If you look at my closet, it's 99.9% black, so why wouldn't I get married in a black wedding dress. This dress and this entire witchy inspiration shoot is one of my all time favorites. My pale white skin won't be able to pull off that black lipstick as flawlessly as Marqita does, but everything else is a go for me.

Jen Siomacco


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