5 Great Gifts to Show Some Love to Your Wedding Party

We know you have so much to organize for your upcoming wedding, but don't forget about gifts for the wedding party! This collective of Australian e-commerce companies has compiled a list of the best wedding party gifts to help you show your gratitude to your friends and family. 

Fob & Co Pocket Watch

1. Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is an ideal gift. Unlike other accessories, pocket watches are timeless. In fact, pocket watches are considered to be the epitome of grace, elegance, and class. The Roman Numeral Half Hunter See-Through Pocket Watch is a beautiful choice with a clear watch face that will allow you to view the beautifully designed gold interior of the watch, or you can peruse the extensive collection at Fob & Co. 

Modern Band of Colour Promise Ring

2. Promise Ring

Rings aren't just for couples! A beautifully designed ring can be the best gift for showering love on your friends. Rings celebrate not just romantic love, but friend love, too. Check out the strikingly designed Modern Band of Colour Promise Ring by Tessa Marie. The 18k gold multi-stone ring is designed to exude oomph and grace. Or shop the whole collection!

Black and Grey Plaid Cotton Self Tie Bow Tie

3. Bow Tie

A bow tie is known as the symbol of sophistication. It has the ability to enhance the personality of the wearer; hence, it makes for one of the best gifts to be presented to your wedding party to thank them for their endless support. You can easily find bow ties in different styles and designs; however, the best one out there is the Black and Grey Plaid Cotton Self Tie Bow Tie by BowtieHQ. The colour scheme and plaid design give it a very graceful and elegant look.

Exotic White Flower Fascinator

4. Fascinator

A fascinator can add style and a special touch to your overall appearance and make you look more edgy and trendy. It makes for a perfect item to be gifted to your feminine friends as a token of your love, as it can be worn again when attending that special event or during racing carnival season. We personally love the Exotic White Flower Fascinator, but there is an extensive collection to choose from! Match a fascinator to your friends' individual personalities, making them stand out from the crowd!

Gold Butterfly Authentic Leather Filigree Mask from MasksHQ

5. Mask

If you are hosting a masquerade reception or engagement party, then there can be no better gift than the Gold Butterfly Authentic Leather Filigree Mask from MasksHQ. The butterfly-shaped mask is super fun and charming, and it is handcrafted, made from premium quality leather. Shop the rest of the collection here!