Real Couples // 50 Years Together: Alva + Alvin

My grandparents really are my role models for love. They have taught me that no matter what, love will always win. My grandparents have been together for over 50 years! They married, separated for a few years, and remarried again. Even with their separation they still stood by each other's side and continued to love deeply. Ever since they met, they knew they were each other's person. No matter what, they have to be with each other. They really are a cute couple too. They accidentally dress alike...almost everyday. They will say it's an accident, although I'm sure my grandpa plans his outfits after my grandma has laid hers out and goes to shower. He will swear he got dressed first though. When my grandma is out of town, we have to force my grandpa to eat because he forgets without her around. Their need for each other strengthens my belief in the gift of love and how it can truly empower us all. The way they still always hold hands and steal quick kisses from each other when they think no one is looking gives me life. They are a couple to look up to. :)

Words and photos by Bri McDaniel

Bri McDaniel is a wedding photographer capturing all love from Seattle to Atlanta. She is obsessed with cats, Chipotle, and trap music.