Real Couples // A Desert-Fabulous Wedding: Jenny + Chris

Jenny and Chris follow their own rules. She works in theater and both of them are whiskey loving, desert obsessed, and all around fun-lovin' folk that aren't afraid to "get a little weird." They DIY'd their entire wedding and used an online calculator to figure out how much booze they need, which they ended up doubling out of fear of running out! Their wedding was a little bit Rock n Roll mixed with desert fabulous. A bunch of guests stayed on site in the cabins (this is where the film crew for old westerns that were filmed at the fake town next door would stay) and partied the night away. Chris constructed the photo booth, they had BBQ ribs and pulled pork, whiskey and lemonade, and some kegs followed by an epic dance party.

Words and photos by Evangeline Lane

Evangeline Lane sees photographing a wedding as though she's being invited to tell a deeply personal, highly magical, and beautiful story with her camera. To her, the beauty is in the little moments, perhaps the imperfect moments, the real and honest moments. It’s about capturing the wide mouthed laughter and the tears and the environment that surrounds you and everything in between. It's not about a single photograph, it's the collective experience that tells your unique story. Based in Los Angeles, she has no travel fees to anywhere in the world (yes even outer space).