Real Couples // A Washington, DC Affair: Diana+Monroe

From a photographer's perspective, most weddings are fairly difficult, both mentally and physically, and we're usually completely exhausted at the end of the day. However, Diana and Monroe proved to us that weddings can be easy. Though their wedding day started early (8am) and we had a wedding the night before (something we never do), we happily and effortlessly cruised through their day while they smiled, laughed, and celebrated with a very intimate crowd of about 25. The shared exchanges of joy were endless, the weather was perfect, and their day ran like a well-oiled machine thanks to the team of Taylor and Hov.

Kristiaan and I went our separate ways while the couple was getting ready. She went with Diana to the Mayflower, and I went with Monroe to his home. We reunited at the ceremony on the lawn of the Jefferson Memorial for an emotional reunion as Diana walked down the aisle. Brunch was at the Hay Adams and absolutely delicious and filled with much excitement and more good laughs. Afterwards we headed to the US Capitol for some more portraits to cap off the day. 

Words and Photos by The Madious

The Madious - Diana & Monroe wedding01.JPG
The Madious - Diana & Monroe wedding08.JPG

Lionel and Kristiaan are a husband and wife team who met in Lionel’s parents’ basement where Kristiaan was teaching them salsa lessons. Soon after, their passion for photography blossomed into not only a relationship but also a wedding photography business. Several years later they’ve found importance in making strong personal connections with their couples and good communication. They strive to photograph each wedding in its own unique way while capturing the most memorable images.

They put a strong emphasis into getting to know their couples and their location, as well as what their expectations are.  They are happy and in love,  often a little quirky, and love working with other happy couples. They believe in strong connections with family and friends, as this creates the most beautiful images, and that the images should represent the feeling of your day, not just the look.