Real Couples // A "Debacle" Engagement: Michelle+Courtney

We met during college; Michelle was a freshman, and I was a sophomore. We were introduced through a mutual friend at a party, and it didn't take long for us to start dating. Six years, a cross-country move, and an engagement debacle later, we are now in the midst of wedding planning. Debacle in this case meaning an adorable story of how we were on the exact same page at the same time.

We both had plans to propose, and even went so far as to get each other rings, plan trips to pop the question and start reaching out to friends and family members for help in planning. Michelle called my dad to tell him the news once she had the ring in hand, and he was ecstatic -- that is, until I called him a week later and told him of my plan to propose, which threw him into a "how can I not spoil this" panic (a panic that we also put several of our mutual friends through by excitedly telling them of our individual plans). My dad stayed remarkably composed under pressure, congratulating me and offering to help coordinate everything without giving away Michelle's intention. 

In the end, Michelle ended up winning the proposal race after getting tipped off to move up her plan. She proposed in a rose garden during an evening walk, and it perfectly suited us a couple -- no big, elaborate plan required. (Don't worry, I still gave Michelle her ring even though she spoiled my plan.)

Photo by Hot Metal Studio

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