Real Couples // Planned and Executed in 6 Hours: Gabby + Callie

Gabby and I were engaged and planning a wedding for November 2016. We had joked about eloping, both of us not wanting a big spectacle, and one morning it became more than a joke. Around 11:00am on a Wednesday morning, it just clicked for both of us. We knew we wanted to get married that day so we jumped off the couch and started scrambling. Seven hours later, with our beautiful daughter and two amazing friends, we were getting married in a little chapel in LA. We had a tiny little cake, a few flowers, a photographer and the clothes we picked out in ten minutes at a Banana Republic on the way. After the short ceremony we went to a restaurant nearby for champagne and dinner.

It was more amazing than we could have imagined. It felt like our focus was right where it should be, on each other. Nothing could go wrong, because we had no expectations or needs. It made us appreciative of every moment instead of putting pressure on the day, which was already perfect.  

Photos by Colleen Stavrakos

Colleen Stavrakos is a proud U.S. Army veteran. She has lived all over the country and traveled all over the world. Her colorful portraits and vibrant landscapes portray her love for diverse walks of life.  Her work is marked by her ability to capture the surreal as she documents the world around her in a dreamlike narrative. Originally from Milwaukee, WI (Go Packers!), she currently lives in Los Angeles, CA, where she studied both at New York Film Academy and The Art Institute of Hollywood.  Her work has been featured in the EyeEm/Getty Images gallery showcase in New York City, NY, featured at The Bergamot Station, Shomburg Gallery in Santa Monica, CA and has been published in The Payson Roundup and Santa Monica Daily Press. Her images continue to be used commercially and editorially through her collaboration with Getty Images.