Real Couples // A Matching Pair: Joe + Joey

Joe and Joey met in an nontraditional way through an online app. They had talked to each other for a month before meeting up and totally clicked when they learned that they share a mutual love for all things pharmacy. It was on a whim that they decided to meet for their first date, and in full first date fashion, trying to impress his date, Joey decided to not wear his glasses. Unfortunately, that completely backfired because the menu was on the wall. He thought he had just made a fool of himself but Joe simply laughed it off and said, "How cute are you?" In that moment, Joey realized he could be completely himself around Joe, and they have been inseparable ever since and will officially be tying the knot on October 1st, 2016 in Richmond, VA. 

Words and photos by BLK chai Photography

Mama of two boys and a rescue dog, Kim is the eyes and heart behind BLK chai Photography. She is a NYC-based photographer who enjoys serving the world by telling people's stories through capturing authentic and genuine moments. A big-time traveler, she always has an active passport in case the trip of a lifetime comes up out of nowhere. In her spare time, she has been busted by her two-year-old for eating Oreo cookies in the closet. When she's not sneaking Oreo cookies, she is training for the 2016 NYC Marathon.