Real Couples // I'll Give You the World: Camaro + Cameron

The plan for our wedding day was simple: create a wedding heavy on fun and celebration and light on stress and expense. To accomplish this, we ditched any traditions requiring extra work, time, or money that did little to enhance the experience we or our guests would have on the wedding day. 

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen? Cut. 

Photo booth? Cut. We found a great photographer. Besides, people should be dancing anyway. 

Wedding cake? Cut. 

Just kidding. Our parents put their foot down regarding this tradition. Cupcakes were the compromise between what is expected and the customized/minimalist-leaning vision we had for our day. 

From our breakfast date together the morning of, to our first look at the carriage house we rented for the weekend, our wedding day was everything we wanted it to be. Our families braved a bit of late summer heat as they encircled us during the outdoor ceremony we created with the help of our pre-marital counselor/officiant, and danced to sweet soca music all night long after dinner. 

We are really glad we stayed through the failed sparkler send-off at the end of the night. We were able to take in every last possible minute with our people and soak up all the love and light. Everyone says the wedding day is a blur for the people getting married but we were truly present for the entire celebration and enjoyed every minute of it.

Photos by Kelley Raye

Kelley Raye is a wedding + lifestyle photographer currently residing in Atlanta, GA, but she shoots good stuff all over the world. She's an advocate for swoon-worthy images, telling authentic love stories, capturing unique details, and the art of photography. Kelley focuses mainly on travel weddings and elopements for the radass as well as creative branding for female entrepreneurs and influencers.