8 Picks for Wedding Attire That Breaks Down All the Gender Norms

Kate Schaefer of H&H Weddings Shares Her Picks for Wedding Attire That Break Down All the Gender Norms

As the editor of the LGBTQ+ wedding blog H&H Weddings, I’ve observed that same-sex couples and gender nonconforming couples are leading the way in gender-fluid wedding wear trends. Here are some of my favorites that I’d like to see a whole lot more of.

1. Boys in Flower Crowns

There is this archaic heteronormative notion that flowers are for girls, as if women spend their entire lives plucking the petals off daisies saying, “he loves me, he loves me not” while dreaming of their perfect wedding. NOPE. Flowers are for everyone. They add a lush, organic element to attire and décor. One trend that I am hoping to see much more of is grooms incorporating florals into their wedding style.

2. Feminine Suits

Not all grooms are interested in wearing a traditional suit or tux. As gender norms become less rigid, I can’t wait to see more men donning chic, figure-flattering suits. For women who wish to avoid wearing a dress but still want a slightly softer look, these suits are a great option. The Tailory New York has a few beautiful styles for those who want a more femme look.

3. Non-White Wedding Dresses

Photo by  Megan Braemore

The white wedding dress is a tradition that I’m ready to do away with. White is rarely the most flattering color on a person, and let’s be honest — how many virgins are getting married these days? The best part about non-white dresses? They can be MUCH more affordable than white dresses. As soon as an item is marked “bridal,” it’s instantly marked up because companies know that people planning their weddings are willing to spend big money to get what they want. For an economical alternative, try looking at bridesmaids dresses or seeking out separates! House Of Ollichon does a great job creating separates that are unique, flattering, and totally luxe. Brands like BHLDN often have stellar sales on bridesmaids dresses.

4. Masculine Suits

Photo courtesy of  Bindle & Keep

Photo courtesy of Bindle & Keep

It’s becoming even easier for female-bodied people to find gorgeous suiting that is tailored to fit. There are plenty of companies like Bindle & Keep and Duchess Clothier that are familiar with outfitting every body type.

5. Rompers & Jumpsuits

This is probably my favorite trend to date. The reason? Versatility! There is (almost) no end to what you can do with a jumpsuit or romper! My newest obsession is House Of Ollichon. They make feminine wedding attire without a dress in sight! One of my favorite things about the company is that they seriously considered the LGBTQ market while designing their pieces. There are a number of ensembles that would be perfect for men and women alike.

6. Short Suits

Photo by  Little Fang

Photo by Little Fang

Ah, the short suit! It’s one part hipster, one part daring, and one part fabulous. For summer weddings, heat can be a concern. If you’re having a casual ceremony and reception, there’s no reason for black-tie attire. I love how fun and playful a short suit can be, and it’s genderfluid! J.Crew has a few options in their men’s department, and retailers like ASOS, Jil Sander, and Acne Studios showed off these gam-revealing options on the runways and online last spring.

7. Lady Ties

Accessories are key to any ensemble, but what if you don’t love jewels and aren’t interested in a men’s tie? Personally, I have a thing for these lady ties and think they are a perfect addition to any suit!

8. Kilts

Kilts are typically worn at weddings as a cultural custom, but I love them as a super-stylish twist on tradition, too!

This article originally appeared in Volume Three of Catalyst Wedding Magazine.

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Kate Schaefer is the founder and editor of H&H Weddings, an LGBTQ wedding resource and blog. Her goal is to be the Emily Post of LGBTQ nuptials. And to be on Ellen.