Photo & Video

Cassandra Zetta

Cincinnati, Ohio & Nationwide

"My company's mission statement is to create a safe space for all couples, notably those within the LGBTQ+ community, to share their love openly and honestly, without worry. My tagline is "You're home." Where else can we be more ourselves than when we're at home, with our partner? Nowhere, I believe. And so, that's the experience I strive to recreate."


Diana Ascarrunz

Austin, Texas & Nationwide

"I'm a wedding and commercial photographer based in Austin, Texas. I love photography and working with couples who have a love of art, food, social justice."


Marble Rye Photography

Oakland & Los Angeles

"I believe we are put on this earth to experience love — platonic, familial, romantic. I live in a sweet little apartment in oakland, california, with my favorite human (slash husband), Charlie. One day we'll get ourselves a dog. I got hooked on photography when i was 22. I took a Polaroid in Chennai, India of my rickshaw driver Sami, and his girlfriend. She held the photo to her heart and asked if she could keep it. Quickly, a swarm of children surrounded us — each shouting for their turn."


Shawnee C Photography

Richmond, Virginia & Worldwide

"I'm passionate about photographing kind-hearted folks who are unapologetically themselves. I'm a queer feminist, love a good audiobook (hello Harry Potter!), and will always enthusiastically say YES to a costume party. My favorite folks to work with believe in giving back to their communities, that #BlackLivesMatter, that climate change is you know...real, and choose to embrace their own unique quirks and talents."


Celebrants & Officiants

Coordination & Planning

Decor & Styling

Floral Design

Gifts & Registries

Thankful Registry

Online Worldwide

"In my 20s, I found myself buying wedding gifts on registries for friends who were getting married. Those experiences were so impersonal and transactional I started to wonder if I could build something better. Before Thankful, I was a copywriter at design agencies working on big corporate websites and also small, fun brands with lots of personality. So I started with the tone I wanted the site to have. Since gift giving is so emotional, I knew the brand would be more about the relationships between people, and less about "stuff." That's what set us apart from the way retailers were doing registries."


Jewelry & Wedding Bands

Aide-Mémoire Jewelry

Online Nationwide

"Aide-mémoire Jewelry creates bespoke wedding bands, engagement rings and fine jewelry, made in the US. Aide-mémoire is dedicated to marriage equality and an eco-conscious studio practice. Using recycled precious metals, ethical fair-trade, recycled and lab-grown diamonds and gemstones in a low-impact studio environment."


Elaine B Jewelry

Detroit, Michigan & Online Nationwide

"Elaine Butcher studied metal smithing and glass blowing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA. Inspired by minimal but inventive designs, rough stones and geometric shapes, and the versatility of jewelry meant for work or play, she created her small business, Elaine B Jewelry."


Forge & Fountain Jewelry

San Francisco Bay Area & Online

"We are husband and wife artists crafting beautiful wedding jewelry with our unique alchemy of style and old world techniques. Our handcrafted, uncommonly beautiful rings are specially made to celebrate your unique love! From Gothic Revival to Art Nouveau to Celestial Modern, we’ve forged an eclectic collection of styles for every budget. Above all, we are passionate about kindness, equity, and justice. Our jewelry is an expression of empathy and inclusion, honoring people’s differences and celebrating their bonds."


Kendra Renee Jewelry

Bay Area & Online Nationwide

"In gold and precious metals, I lovingly craft their wedding bands to be as comfortable as an old friend, adventurous as the journey of life, and durable enough to weather any storm. I believe in celebrating love, and it brings me so much joy to become a part of so many love stories with each perfectly-imperfect wedding band that leaves my tiny studio."


Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry

Santa Fe, New Mexico & Online Nationwide

"As a supporter of marriage equality and environmentally sustainable practices, I make all of my jewelry by hand from reclaimed precious metals — primarily sterling silver and 14k gold — and ethically-sourced stones in my Santa Fe studio. When I'm not making jewelry, you can find me painting or hiking somewhere in New Mexico or Maine."


Thicket Jewelry

Online Nationwide

"Landscape, and my place within it, has been an integral part of my life. My love of the tactile, of working with my hands, and of what is functional, has led me to a life in design. Thicket is my interweaving of landscape and design. The jewelry begins with casting found and foraged botanical samples in sterling silver and 14k gold. Each piece is handmade using traditional metalsmithing techniques in my Charlottesville, Virginia studio."


Valerie Madison Jewelry

Online Nationwide

"I am a woman of color with a fine jewelry line, not a very common sight in this industry. I offer sleek design that isn't often found in commercial retail settings. I work one-on-one with clients to make them a ring with good craftsmanship and quality materials so that they don't have to worry about flimsy jewelry."


Invitations & Paper Goods

Emily Frock Graphic Design

New Orleans, Louisiana & Online Worldwide

"After finishing my degree in graphic design, I began providing services for weddings, birthdays, new babies, and other life events to friends and acquaintances who were looking for custom stationery at an affordable price. Often, my clients felt like their more unique styles and stories were not reflected in mainstream, traditional offerings, so we worked together to create stationery that accurately reflected them as a person, couple or family. From there, we've grown to provide these same carefully thought out services to people all over the world!"



Maven Made

Online Nationwide

"Besides making products in my home studio + getting people turned on to natural wellness products, I also find joy in hosting workshops, retreats + gatherings. I can't live without balance so on the flip side, I'm a fan of good beer, binging on Broad City + piddling around the city with my wife Ashleigh."



New York City, Seattle, & Online Worldwide

"We bring wellness to the wedding industry through in-person sessions and digital wellness guides. We started wedwell as two best friends on a mission to bring feminism into the wedding industry, and are so excited to help you with your wedding!"